Servicio de excelencia en servicios fiscales, contables, auditoría y consultoría.


About Us

Padrón & Villalobos ‘ partners have extensive experience in professional practice in all areas related to accounting, auditing, consultancy and tax litigation, we are affiliated to the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, AC and Institute of Public Accountants of Nuevo León.

We have two offices located strategically, being the location of the main office in the city of Monterrey, N.L. and another office in Mexico City, which allows us to expedite various procedures and have presence in two of the three cities most important in the country.

Our client portfolio is made up of commercial, industrial and service companies; of bouquets as diverse as textile industry, chemistry, steels, construction, real estate, schools, computers, printers, savings banks, hardware, spare parts, recycling, security, multi-level, so we also have clients of the regime Simplified (poultry, ranchers), etc.


To provide a service of excellence in accounting, auditing and consultancy, looking for the increase in the profitability of our clients, with a team of professionals with a high level of knowledge and experience.


To become a leading firm in the tax and accounting service, always committed to maintain satisfied customers within a completely transparent ethical and legal framework.


In Padrón & Villalobos Consultores We have a clear application of values in our daily life and consequently in dealing with our clients, so this is what we offer in our services:

Responsibility and professional discipline
Honesty, punctuality and confidentiality
Order and Cleanliness
Communication and teamwork
Service Vocation
Certainty and continuity in service
Avoid costs due to the erroneous interpretation of the tax provisions
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