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Accounting Information Systems Forum III

Accounting Information Systems Forum III

January 30, 2018
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In development of the subject, which is the accounting of liabilities and the heritage, we will participate in this forum, giving our concepts on long-term and short-term liabilities and various forms of finance companies.

To achieve this purpose, we will locate liabilities as banking and non-banking credits, estimated liabilities and provisions, taxes and social benefits of workers, and appeal and deferred payment of these liabilities. In terms of heritage will analyze the equity structure of companies, considering them as sources of financing in what has to do with the issuance of bonds and stocks and other ways to increase capital by determining this changes in the heritage of the companies.
Way to go is long and time is short. For this reason we must advance expressing opinions and then reflect on their application in enterprises. So should consult information, register experiences these issues in various sources such as the booklet of information accounting III, Decree 2649 systems, other related materials and exercises and materials that the guardian suggests that you consider appropriate.

To the extent that within the topics in the course, will be asked to answer questions such as the following:
1) Explain, that companies use sources to finance its assets; for example.
2) How are different short-term loans in the long term? What is the use of each?
3) Make an analysis of one of the types of bank loans, that is, for example: How does it work?, what use does it have in companies?, compare it to other types of loans.
4) How would you apply estimated liabilities and provisions in your Enterprise of final work? When would no longer be estimated these liabilities?
5) On analyzing the video on mortgage credit, discuss their impressions briefly.
6) Check this link and make a comment on a map of suppliers.

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