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Fiscal Review Forum

Fiscal Review Forum

January 30, 2018
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In this space we will try and discuss issues related to the subject, complementary to the classroom. It seeks to reflect our research and insights on the different topics, with a spirit that is reflective and analytical to looking for the application in our professional life.
We must not forget that the multiple scenarios revolve around the subject fascicles, accompanied by media such as this forum, guidelines, models and practical examples, which are fundamental tools to participate in these. In the environmental aspect, for example we analyze environmental indicators according to the area of the company. With regard to audits, they must download examples and workshops in excel database and audit reports taken from the accounting programs. As regards the tax area, we must emphasize the legal responsibility for the fiscal reviewer signing, present and prepare statements of national and local taxes.

In the files section, you can download these materials
To start the debate we present the following questions:
1) What application would R.F. have in environment area of your Company? Give examples, give a case…
2) Comment briefly about any material or information consulted by you related to Informatic Audit (give a reference of authors, and places, web, books where you found this information)
3) In two or three paragraphs summarize from your point of view the content of fascicle 6: “The tax reviewer in the solidarity Sector
4) What specific responsibilities does R.F. have in a company that has made contracts with the state (chapter 2). Recommended Link: Procedure
5) Comment on the final work forum the tools, formats or work papers that you have used in the develpoment of your final work

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