Servicio de excelencia en servicios fiscales, contables, auditoría y consultoría.


Accounting and auditing services

We have a professional team with solid experience and knowledge that will help you and start a business, analyzing the regime more optimally, through the implementation of accounting systems and internal controls and always giving solutions for tax and accounting:

Accounting services

Capture of accounting records to become a real tool for the analysis of financial information and your projections, establishing strict control over the application of the tax and accounting rules, monitoring carefully the accounting processes to ensure an accurate, objective and timely information. We have information technologies to meet with satisfactorily with the obligation of accounting electronics that includes:

Capture of policies
Regularization and updating of accounting
Clearance of accounts
Bank reconciliations
Inventory control
SAT-accounting electronic monthly reports
Issuance of financial statements and their notes
Analysis and interpretation of financial
Calculation of financial ratios
Accounting and tax advice
Tax returns
Definition of policies and internal control
SAT, IMSS procedures.

Strategic tax advice

Tax planning strategies that allow you to spend less money, stay with more money and improve their financial performance, taking care provided that the employer has the tranquility and security that your business is not at risk in this matter, you’ll get advice COMPREHENSIVE, since our CEO in addition to certified public accountant is a Tax Advisor (LAWYER), which ensures a better legal and tax shield. This specialty includes:

Tax Defense
Financial, Tax and Patrimony Advise
Constitution of Companies.Corporate Figures
Tax Fulfillment Reviews
Fiscal Diagnosis
Optimization of tax burdens
Benefits to Partners
Optimal remuneration to the human resource
International Tax Planning
Business Succession
Transfer pricing Studies
Tax Return and compensation
Dissolution and liquidation of companies


Our services include internal and external audits in financial matters, tax, social and administrative security, formulation of opinion. Through the review of the financial information of the company, in accordance with the rules established by the professional practice, placing special emphasis on the improvement of internal controls and the detection and identification of irregular acts of fraud and Corruption.

Financial Statement Audits
Forensic audit (fraud detection)
Tax opinion
Social Security and Infonavit Opinion
Review and evaluation of internal control
Administrative audits
Foreign Trade audits
Special reports according to attestation standards
Accounting expertise (“Peritación” in spanish) in financial matters, FIS

Tax Litigation

We specialize in tax litigation in all instances, before fiscal, administrative, judicial authorities, it means municipal, state or federal level.

Thawing of bank accounts
Tax and administrative litigation
Customs Defense
Industrial Property
Revocation and nonconformity appeal
“Amparo” lawsuit against acts of authority and laws
Cancellation of penalties for requirements
Labor Defense
Defense against SAT and IMSS audits

Work Area/Labor

Receive the advice of the professionals for the correct fulfillment and protection of the rights and obligations of the workers and their families. Let us support you in this area of enormous risks. Main Benefits and Services:

Legal advice for the prevention of Labor demands
Advice on obtaining pensions
Ringing of nominees
High and low workers before the IMSS
Settlements to the Conciliation and Arbitration Board
Compliance in outsourcing regulations.
Elaboration of contracts of work
IMSS Risk Premium Review
Defense against Labor Lawsuits

We also serve individuals with business activity obligations, fees and leasing

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