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The importance of Information technology in Accounting

The importance of Information technology in Accounting

January 30, 2018
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Information technology allows a significant savings of time counter, because it no longer has to classify and record data, (these activities became somewhat repetitive and routine), which in the end do not constitute final accounting functions. The development and systematization of accounting has released to counter this phase of the process, allowing you to take care of other things as the analysis and interpretation of information that provide the software. Nowadays no catalogs to the counter as the person who only has figures, today the counter is someone different, and thanks to technological progress, this plays a central role within the Organization as an interpreter of the figures that they offered accounting packages and other systems.

The subject matter of computer science gives counter skills in the use of computer programs and packages, which leads to an analysis and synthesis of information, reasoning ability, capacity of perception in the day-to-day operations of the company to achieve maximum efficiency and meet goals and ability to view the company as a unit.

The primary objective of accounting is to provide information to users of the same, and computer science allows that this information reaches users more quickly, complete, reliable, understandable, objective and timely.

Thanks to computer science, accounting can be applied in all types of enterprise, State organizations and entities without spirit of profit, turning this into a powerful information tool.

The use of computers allows the counter, living always aware of needs that demand society, the market, the company and among others, therefore not only must learn within the race, but pos computer to it, there is going to be updated continuously, because it is very important bases systems provided to the counter.

Information technology provides support for the work performance by means of Software, for example, EXCEL, access, and accounting packages, allowing simplification and rapidity in the work. Allows you to bring the information ranked and always on time, still is, a very good system of information.

I believe that information technology is essential in the formation of all certified public accountant, because it provides key tools in the development of his career, allowing a constant update to changes in society, and to optimize their work, giving you opportunities to serve in senior positions within an organization, being this, key in the interpretation, analysis, and decision-making within the entity.

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